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TOTNERS is a leading global Innovating Ratings Agency which provides crucial benefits to companies and investors.


In the course of the rating process, a TOTNERS analyst:

  • Gathers information sufficient to evaluate innovation progress
  • Measures customer satisfaction
  • Measures employee morale
  • Evaluates product’s competitiveness
  • Evaluates competitor products
  • Develops a conclusion on the appropriate rating,
  • Monitors the company on an ongoing basis to determine whether the rating should be changed, and
  • Informs the marketplace of TOTNERS ratings.

The rating process involves an active, ongoing dialogue between the company and TOTNERS analysts. Once published, TOTNERS ratings are continuously monitored and updated  based on the company’s progress and also their competitors..

Rating Process Timeline

TOTNERS rating process, from the time of the preliminary discussion to the public release of the rating, takes approximately 90 days. However, TOTNERS is sensitive to company’s needs and timing concerns, and will be as flexible and responsive as possible in order to accommodate tighter financing schedules and other requirements.

Rating Dissemination and Publication

“Once the rating committee has made its decision, the customer will be informed of the rating and TOTNERS rationale. For a public rating, the new rating is distributed by press release simultaneously to the major financial media worldwide. This press release will also appear on TOTNERS global website www.totners.com, as well as other relevant regional and local TOTNERS websites.”

Treatment of Confidential Information

TOTNERS recognizes that an customer’s trust in the confidential nature of the rating relationship is an essential component of the rating process. Confidential information will not be publicly disclosed, but, if relevant, will be used in the formulation of the public rating opinion.

On-Going Relationship

Following assignment and publication of the rating, TOTNERS will meet with management at least annually, or more frequently as events and industry developments warrant. The TOTNERS analyst will maintain regular contact with the companies both electronically and via the telephone, and will be available at all times to respond to the company’s needs or questions.